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For those looking for real estate in London, Ontario, there are many different options when it comes to home styles. This is a large city and there is everything from a home in the suburbs surrounding the downtown area to a condo as posh and extravagant as a lofts in the big city. You need to know what you're looking for before you narrow down to a few homes to consider in the city. Here is a short guide to the main styles of homes you will find and where you will find them.

If you're interested in condos, there are only a few that are finished with residents already moved in at the moment. But, the good news is that there are more on the horizon. Like with any condo development, the various complexes are not mostly concentrated to the downtown area, like they are in many other large cities. There are a few in the downtown core, but many of the new designs are in the north of the city or to the east in neighborhoods like Hyde Park. They may not offer the same level of convenience with entertainment and amenities at your doorstep, but they are quite elegant in design.

If you're moving to the city and are not looking for something a little more spacious and away from the noise of the city, there are many options for you in London. This city is nearly completely surrounded by newer subdivisions with the ideal homes for a new or growing family. Again, Hyde Park and Sunningdale are seeing a lot of development, as is the whole north side of the city. In the south you will see some older subdivisions, but they are all close to some of the city's top retail and service options. Even nearby to top notch dentist offices as well as service providers of cremations and weddings and corporate events.

There also seems to be an abundance of larger homes in the London area. But, more modest designs can be found closer to downtown in older brick style buildings. There is a large student village adjacent to Richmond Street that those looking for a quieter home might want to avoid, but there are lots of great similar homes in sections of the city like Wortley Village.

Whether you're coming from a large bustling metropolis like Vancouver or are just moving into the city from somewhere small like Lucan, there is a perfect home for you in London. You just have to come out here to find it.

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