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London Childrens Museum

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One of the greatest things about being a kid is the excitement you can get from learning new things. Simple tasks like tying your shoes or reading a book on your own are extraordinary. So why not take your kids to a place where they can explore, play, and learn loads of new things all in one day! At the London Regional Children's Museum your young ones can go on an arctic adventure or find out a little about the technology used to create the equipment you use at work. Either way it'll be a great day for the whole family.

The museum is open Tuesday through Friday all year from 10am-5pm and until 8pm on Fridays. From Victoria Day to Labour Day it is also open on Mondays from 10am-5pm. This was the first children's museum in the country and was modeled after a similar learning centre in Boston in 1973. It has a variety of youth programming as well as its permanent and temporary exhibits and even hosts youth dances on occasion. Even parents will be glad they turned off their cell phone to enjoy everything this museum has to offer.

In the dinosaur exhibit your child can dress up like their favorite prehistoric creature or dig for bones. Things in Caves allows you to see natural rock and crystal formations, while the Arctic Adventure exhibit will tell you all about one of Canada's largest regions. Even parents could learn a little something from these fine exhibits. You won't learn these things from retail or real estate jobs.

If you're child is interested in learning more than one visit could provide, you could sign them up for one of the museum's day camp programs. You can use these camps as a way to get your kids to jump out of their bed for March Break, PD Days or even during the Christmas holidays. These camps are available for children aged four to twelve and are only $32/day for non-members of the museum. There is also a play date series with classes with themes like music, movement, and storytime.

Enriching your child's mind at an early age can be one of the best things that you are doing for them. Allow them to find something that is interesting to them and feed their curiosity. This method has been known to improve a child's learning skills later in life and even prevents them from social issues like those that need anger management.

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