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Loft Description

Toronto is the destination of many aspiring professionals. Many of these newcomers are looking to live in a luxurious trendy loft. There are a variety of buildings ranging in prices that offer loft living, however it is important to know, that there are a couple of different styles of lofts to look out for.

The first type of loft for sale is known as an urban loft. In this style of living space there are high ceilings and large windows. The living space and bedroom are all combined into one large room. Often the brickwork and beams are left exposed to add character to the home. These types of lofts are most commonly found in the downtown region of any real estate market.

Urban loft example

This space provides the owner with a large open area in which to keep all of their belongings. It is important to find appropriate storage spaces to keep all of your belongings organized. The only area of the house that is separate from the rest of the living space is the bathroom. This type of living is ideal for a single person or a couple wanting to begin their life together.

The second style of loft is more spacious and ideal for more than one person. This type of living space is referred to as loft style condos. Usually there are one or two bedrooms and an open kitchen and living room space. Again the ceilings are often very high and the windows are very large. There will also be a private bathroom separate from the other rooms.

The loft style condos are closer in style to apartment buildings, however they only have three to four rooms. The second type of loft can accommodate more inhabitants and is ideal for small families. Loft living can be a lot of fun as you are in close quarters with one another. Often many new lofts being built include state of the art amenities and some of the best views in the city.

The draw to purchasing a loft instead of an apartment, condo or house is that they are often much cheaper in price. Due to the fact that the living space is confined to only a couple of rooms, the square footage is often smaller and the price reflects this. There are affordable options, however.

Loft living is ideal for anyone looking for a temporary place in any big city. The large windows and high ceilings provide you with beautiful views and natural lighting. The broad open space provides you with a lot of room to store all of your belongings. Whether you are looking for an urban loft or a loft style condo, Toronto and other cities often have a variety of living spaces ideal for an aspiring professional.

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