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Maybe you are looking to relocate to somewhere new; a city where you have much more than a half decent chance of finding lucrative employment and/or good education possibilities for the kids. Maybe you need some tips on how to find some sound mortgage solutions for your intended business venture.

Some of us want more than just a postage stamp size home. Others crave weather that is not wet and cold while others dream of living in a city that is safe and clean. Just ask any experienced architect in Canada and they will eagerly tell you that such a city does indeed exist and that city is lovely London Ontario.

There are some very important facts about London that one should be aware of and these should help to make London the choice of many. London is ideally located between Toronto and Detroit and along one of Canada's busiest trading corridors. This makes for a perfect location for anyone thinking of setting up shop.

Many an American chain store use London as their test market when it comes to deciding which of their products they wish to sell in Canada. This would range from diapers to anything such as snack foods and electronic gadgets.

London is heavily influenced by the European and Aboriginal cultures. Its economy is based on manufacturing, education, health care, and tourism. Companies of all sizes make London their home base; including those who specialize in the manufacturing of lead castings. Because of its location along the corridor that stretches from Quebec City to Windsor, London is able to benefit from oodles of trade and commerce opportunities.

London has a wonderful Amusement Park and zoo for the kids. An annual music balloon festival for those with adventure, a great ice hockey team for the sports minded, and of course, Western university for those in search of excellence in education.

There is a neighborhood for everyone; suburban ones for the family, affordable ones for the student, downtown ones for those seeking modern condos, and historic ones for the one who seek handsome old homes. So why not come and see for yourself? Plan a weekend outing for you and the family or better yet; take a week and drive down to London. Stay a while and check out this beautiful Ontario city for yourself.

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