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Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Most of us would not have an easy time if we had to live the way that they did over a hundred years ago. We are used to a world where you can easily drive to work every day and where you can find everything from information on a past laws to the nearest animal hospital in a few seconds online. But, there are definitely some things to be learned about the way the world used to be. If you're interested in how past generations lived in the London area then you might want to visit Fanshawe Pioneer Village.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village was created in the middle of the 20th century and was meant to show what life was like as a citizen of the city at the beginning of the 19th century. Now, many stories have been added to the tour and different elements to the attraction to show those visiting some things about this area between 1820 and 1920. If you're an architect that is influenced by older designs then you are sure to be inspired by the original church, school, farmhouse and woodworking shop. You will also get to experience what daily life was like back then, from the children's chores to what everyone wore on Sunday.

This is a great place to visit with the whole family and sees thousands of visitors each year from nearby to those coming to the area from overseas. If you're in London during the summer months or around a holiday, then you might even want to check to see if there is a special event on at the Village. There is a locally written play that is performed during the summer months that centres around a family living in this period and special things to see at Halloween and Christmastime.

The site of Fanshawe Pioneer Village is not just for those who are interested in history. This is also a place that is used frequently for weddings and other events. If you're looking for a unique place to have a holiday party with the a certain charm in the decor, from the tables to fireplaces, Dundas to London you won't find any place better than this. There are also education tours for those who wish to bring a school group to the site or other large party.

If you're interested in having something to eat while you're here, then you can enjoy some food at the Pioneer Village Cafe. Or you might want to bring a lunch and eat on the site on a nice summer day. There are also lots of souvenirs to bring home, from botanical art to jewelry available at the General Store and Gift Shop.

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