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Family Friendly

If you've got young children and you're looking to sell your current real estate and move to London, you're probably searching for the perfect place to raise children. When you mention this to your real estate agent, she will begin searching for London's most family friendly neighborhoods. But what exactly is a family friendly neighborhood? What can you expect from a neighborhood that claims to be family friendly? We can answer these questions.


One of the top requirements for a family friendly neighborhood is a low crime rate, and not just compared to the city's roughest neighborhoods. A real family friendly neighborhood should stack up well even against other real estate. Family friendly neighborhoods are also quiet, traffic wise, with traffic control measures in place to make sure kids and pets don't have accidents on their way across the street. Local police will have statistics that can attest to the neighborhood's crime rate.

Good Schools

If there was only one requirement for a family friendly neighborhood, though, it would be proximity to good schools, as the presence of a good school attracts the kind of people to buy the Whitby real estate around them that create a family friendly neighborhood. Good schools mean schools that don't experience violence, don't need metal detectors, and have a wide array of after school programs. The school should also be in good repair and its students should rank highly on standardized testing.

Neighbors with Children

This is what most people are expecting when they buy a home in a neighborhood that are billed as family friendly. Family friendly neighborhoods tend to be dominated by single family detached housing that is lived in by the owners, which attracts families with children. When you live in a family friendly neighborhood, your kids will have friends close by and there will be block parties, a neighborhood watch, carpooling, and barbecues. Most of the other parents will have college degrees and good jobs in the city.

Community Infrastructure

Family friendly neighborhoods also have a lot of money invested in them. This money might go towards maintaining parks or playgrounds, or building arenas so the kids have somewhere to ride horses. There's also likely to be a community center or a swimming pool where kids and adults can go for lessons and to hang out. Real estate in family friendly neighborhoods is usually valuable, which eliminates the poorer people that tend to drive up the crime rate.

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