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The elementary schools in London, Ontario are governed by two schools boards, the Thames Valley District School Board, and the London District Catholic School Board.

The Thames Valley DSB operates 184 schools, 154 elementary, and 30 secondary, and oversee more than 80,000 students. The LDCSB has roughly 23,000 students, in 48 elementary schools, and 8 secondary schools.

In London, the post secondary options are The University of Western Ontario, and Fanshawe College. Both schools are respected within their own fields, where Fanshawe offers an extensive amounts of apprentice programs in many industries, UWO offers a great number of degrees in all areas of study.

Some students have studied law and graduated as lawyers who now work in areas such as the Canada trademark office. Others became nurses and work in one of London's fine hospitals. Those that were good with their hands are now employed manufacturing items such as industrial valves or other products.

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